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Push Up

Push Up Pants

When we find pants that fit us well, adapt to the body and are comfortable, they immediately become the star piece of our wardrobe that we wear almost daily. After all, we know it’s not easy to find the perfect pants. The push up pants give us everything we look for in this garment and can now you can buy them in a variety of fabrics^and finishes. Perfect for all occasions.

Kinds of Push Up Pants in 2022



Leather Effect Push Up Leggings

Do you like the rocker look? The leather or leatherette effect leggings are perfect to give our style a rockier and more casual air, imitating the mythical leather pants of the 80s. The leatherette fabric provides elasticity which allows factories to achieve comfortable push up leggings that adapt to the body.

You can find them in all colors and finishes, but it’s its elasticity what allows the skinny sizing to be made, which in turn guarantees comfort. Isn’t it great to look great, enhance your glutes and be comfortable at the same time?

Push up shorts

The good weather is here, but we do not want to give up the push up effect in our shorts. You will find a variety of push up leggings and shorts for the gym, in a denim finish, white shorts. Everything you need to enhance your figure also in the summer months can be found here.

Most of them are in fact transpirable, meaning that even with the enhancements necessary to lift your buttocks, you will not sweat in them. You can play sports in them, go hiking or if you choose the trendiest ones you can definitely wear them on the street and be comfortable with yourself.

As you can see, push up pants have come to take a prominent place in your closet. Can you resist? Don’t forget to visit our sections specialized in leggings and push up jeans .