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Push Up

Push Up Panties

The perfect solution if you would like to show off a voluptuous ass are the push up panties. This piece of underwear is like conventional panties, but in the buttock area they have pads or foam that give more volume to the upper gluteal part, thus achieving the effect you want.

These panties ensure that the pads will not move when walking since they are either integrated or inside cavities in order to prevent that. They are ideal to wear at any time because when you wear them you don’t notice the pads at all. They are as comfortable and adaptable to the body as any other panties. Here you can buy several types of push up panties:

Most of them have pads in the buttocks area. However, if you’d like more volume on the hips, you will also find some with pads on the sides.

They are ideal for dresses and tight skirts or skinny pants. You will find different types of push up panties, for example, with high waist, culottes, Brazilian cut …

Push Up Panties with Girdle

These panties with a girdle will not only enhance your buttocks, but at the same time they will reduce the abdomen and shape your figure. In this way the body is stylized while giving volume to the rear.

To achieve a greater effect, we recommend push-up panties with a high-waist band .

Push Up Without Pads

Non-padded push-up briefs are made by marking and contracting the waist so that the buttock is naturally more prominent. They also help enhance it with patterns and stitching that will help lift it slightly.

These briefs offer less push up effect than the previous ones. It is important that, when choosing which model you are going to buy, you decide well what push up effect you are looking for and if the model in question is going to achieve your goals.

Each brief offers a padding of a specific thickness or, for example, look at whether or not they have seams and if they can be marked with the garment you want to wear.

Have you found your ideal push up panties? You can check our bras section to find matching ones.