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Push Up

Push Up Leggings

The leggings, the garment that changed our lives providing absolute comfort! They came as a basic garment to wear to the gym and play sports, but they have been changing to a point in which they’ve become essential on practically all occasions. Sports, street and even dress. And what’s the last revolution? The push up leggings!

These garments have evolved their design and pattern to shape our body, stylizing our silhouette, marking the waist and enhancing the buttocks. Here you can buy all sort of varieties here.

The best Push Up Leggings in 2021

High Waist Push Up leggings

The high waist stylize your body even more making your legs look longer.

They adjust to your silhouette and are usually combine the high waist with compressive panels and side cuts that shape the waist and creating a curvy effect. The waist is reduced and the buttocks gain prominence while giving the appearance of a worked out body.

For sport and Fitness

Leggings were born in the field of sports and fitness and push up leggings are the perfect version.

With the butt-lift effect they help us to show off a breathtaking body while we practice sports. It’s perfect for all those women who like to look good, even at the gym. No matter what your favorite sport is, you will find the perfect leggings.

For running, yoga, Pilates here you can find some of the best models. They will surely fit your needs during your training sessions.

For Dressing Up

No more giving up comfort outside the gym! Our wardrobe is already invaded by leggings that are not necessarily made for sports and look great on every situation. Now push up leggings take it up a notch by giving you a breathtaking appearance. They are ideal for going out for a drink or going to the office. Push up leggings have evolved so much that we find them in a wide variety of fabrics, always maintaining their elasticity.

The most popular ones are usually black , but you will find a much wider variety! There are even some with a faux leather effect , plaid, leopard print, with sequins and other applications … We find endless options to fit every occasions.

You cannot miss these leggings. They are so flattering that will make your legs infinite, with an enhanced and molded butt at the same time whilst being extremely comfortable.

Did you know that there are also push up effect jeans? You can see them here.