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Push Up

Push Up Jeans

Finding the perfect jeans is not an easy task. We want them to feel like a glove, to be comfortable but not too tight, to enhance our curves and stylize our appearance. We also want the fabric to be elastic and maintain its properties with use. But let’s not fool ourselves! The main requirement is that they feel great in the butt! And all this is now guaranteed since push up jeans came into our lives.

The secret of push up jeans lies in the pattern and placement of the back pockets and also in the side cuts. With these two elements create the push up effect , which enhances the glutes, preventing the butt from looking flat whilst the waist is molded with the cuts. Another key point is their high waist. By raising the waist they create an optical effect that makes the legs look much longer while they keep the abdomen flattened. This way they make the buttocks more prominent.

Salsa Push Up Jeans

Salsa is a brand specialized in jeans and since 1994 has been revolutionizing the market with their push up jeans collection. Apart from its wide variety of jeans with waist cuts, different colors and finishes, at Salsa they specialize in different ways in which the jeans fit on your body, known as “fit”.

The best known pair of jeans among its clients are the Wonder Push Up fit. The keys to their success are its three seams that create volume, the heart shape framing the buttocks and the rounded pockets that add volume.

With a high waist, skinny or straight effect; there are as many variants as you can imagine. The Secret Push Up Salsa jeans create a “push in” effect. This means that they shape the waist to reduce the abdomen thus giving more prominence to the buttocks.

The Salsa Mistery push up jeans are also highly desired. With their rounded seams in the gluteal area they add volume while enhancing them. They feature a medium and wide waist with three front buttons, which makes them unmistakable.

Liu Jo Jeans

This brand has specialized in creating the perfect push up jeans . With a denim effect and vintage washes, Liu Jo has a wide variety of skinny leggings. They will surely fit you like a glove.

In addition, Liu Jo emphasizes his collections with zippers, metal and worn pieces. Their push up denim effect looks very real and they are very comfortable.

We hope that you will find the jeans that best suits your body in our selection of push up jeans. If you are looking for the perfect leggings for the gym, do not forget to look in our specialized section.