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Push Up

Wonderbra Push Up Bras

These are most popular push up bras in the world. Wonderbra literally means wonderful bra in English. It’s a company of Canadian origin and its the brand that developed this feminine garment. It reached its peak in the 90s, when all the top models of the moment had several Wonderbra push-up bras enhancing their curves.

Here you can buy among the best bras of the brand that we have selected for you.

Types of Wonderbra Push Up bras

  • Lace designs for the most feminine women. Beneath the lace they hide all the technology necessary to achieve its excellent hold and highlight your curves.
  • Basic models in a variety of neutral and skin tones. They are great for not revealing the bras through the clothes and for different depths of necklines.
    • These bras are designed for all occasions. They also work perfectly without straps, plunging necklines and open backs. It is in this family where we also find models without rings for greater comfort.
  • The polyamide or lace top designs are the most comfortable, to be at home or for a more casual day. Without giving up the sensuality of Wonderbra and its emblematic support.

Wonderbra’s Trajectory

At the beginning of its history Wonderbra innovated by using stretch fabrics in bras that had no stretch until then. This, made them the first bras capable of adapting to a woman’s anatomy and movements.

In the 1950s, Dior’s new look began to emerge in a way in which it also highlighted the woman’s pointed chest. For many girls, these bras were a great help to simulate the designers catwalk looks.

But it was not until later, in 1991, when Wonderbra, with its most enhancing model, caused quite an impact in the United Kingdom. From that moment it became an object of desire that many women wanted to have in their lingerie collection. With John Galliano’s catwalk designs taking the world of corsetry abroad in their outfits, Wonderbra was once again the ally of the ladies who wanted to emulate and enhance the shape of their chest.

What makes Wonderbra a unique brand?

Wonderbra has always worked to highlight the sensual forms of the female body without neglecting comfort and its more practical sides, especially in its most current models. For that, this brand has always focused on innovation in terms of fabrics and patterns and they have several patents of their own, which makes Wonderbra bras unique.

Its greatest technologies are the support systems for all its models, even in the strapless models where achieving good support is always more complicated. This way, they achieve a cup that joins and enhances the neckline creating a very natural and comfortable appearance.

Furthermore, these bras manage to maintain an excellent fixation using silicone dots that hug the body. They do not irritate the skin. Being knitted allows the skin to perspire and do not cause moisture whilst keeping the bra in place.

Today this type of up bras exist in many brands. Check out our general push up bras section to see them.