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Push Up

Victoria’s Secret Push Up Bras

Victoria’s Secret is a renowned US lingerie brand that has gained tremendous popularity with its marketing campaigns and fashion shows. Here we offer you the best Victoria’s Secret Push Up Bras.

Their well-known fashion shows began in 1995 and with their “angels” they managed to leave no one indifferent. They are a mixture of a television show with scandal models and striking designs made up of elaborate fantasies that mix colors and fabrics 

Victoria’s Secret focuses on bringing drama to underwear and sculpting and enhancing feminine attributes.

Victoria’s Secret Push up Bras and Stlyes

If you want to find a stunning push up bra, Victoria’s Secret is the perfect place. They have four different models of push up and we detail them below:

Minimal lift: This line of bras does not have padding, something so common in all push up bras. They offer a slight breast lift, subtle and very natural through a hidden strap inside the bra. So we have a very light bra that in turn will give us that little effect we are looking for.

Light lift: These push up bra models have a discreet foam cup with a small padding. In this way the effect they achieve is a little more pronounced than the previous model, but it is still subtle.

Medium lift or medium lift: These push up bras enhance the bust and increase its size by one size. For women who want to lift and increase their cleavage a little, these will be the perfect choice.

Major lift or great enhancement: These are your models if you want to create a heart-stopping neckline. These super push up bras are made with a foam cup and padding that will increase the size of your chest by two sizes.


Victoria’s Secret has a line dedicated specifically to strapless push-up bras.

With different degrees of enhancements, they vary in all the colors of nude and basic tones and, in addition, they have different levels of neckline, so that you can wear them with a low-cut strapless dress always maintaining good support. Do not forget that, for all the bra models, Victoria’s Sectret has its matching panties and also sensual garments to complement your look.

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