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Push Up

Maidenform Push Up Bras

Maidenform is a well-known lingerie brand. They started in 1922 in the United States and has become one of the main underwear brands. Celebrities put their trust on their bras when they have to go to the red carpets and look great. Here we specifically offer Maidenform Push Up bras, in all their varieties.

This brand specializes in enhancing attributes of the body while working to disguise others that we usually do not like so much. That is why Maidenform push up models are so sought after.

Their designs and collections are very varied, ranging from bras, girdles, push-up bras, reducing bras, shapers … All kinds of intimate garments that will help you see yourself as you like the most while offering absolute comfort .

Their style is simple lines and always designed to be comfortable and, what is very important, that they do not mark the body, but in the latest collections they have launched much more modern garments, with all kinds of details and lace. So we can find our perfect Maidenform bra according to our taste.

Maidenform push up bras

At Maidenform they bet on shapewear and the push up is one of their main categories. Their long career has helped them to have a vast knowledge of pattern making. This way they can make the bras able to adapt to a woman’s body perfectly. Always evolving and looking for new technologies, its fabrics with elasticity and great softness to make them fit you like a glove.

With delicate foam cups and soft pads, they create push up bras that enhance your bust in the most comfortable way. Maidenform loads their bras with sensual details and soft lace fabrics. The goal is to shape your silhouette while enhancing your most sensual side.

Shape control and push up

If you want to shape your silhouette even more to wrap yourself in a tight dress and be breathtaking, Maidenform has a line created especially for this reason. This is in fact, the secret of celebrities and their perfectly stylized silhouettes on the red carpet.

They also feature much more sober line without fancy details, ranging from bras to bodysuits and girdles. They focus on reducing the abdomen, shaping hips and, at the same time, highlighting the chest. There is a Maidenform push up bra model perfect for you, your choice will only depend on the effect you want to achieve.

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