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Push Up

Chantelle Push Up Bras

Here we present a wide selection of Chantelle push up bras that you can buy. It is the perfect brand if you are looking for a collection specialized in the female body, its anatomy and comfort.

Chantelle is a French brand based in Paris that for more than 140 years has had the mission of making bras and underwear that best adapt to women’s bodies. Its main objective has always been maximum comfort for all types of bodies and it was the first brand to create corsets with elastic rods, causing a great revolution in the world of women’s underwear.

Chantelle Push Up Bras always include all skin sizes and colors using the most elastic and comfortable fabrics on the market. Furthermore, their extensive experience has allowed them to perfect pattern making and sewing techniques, thus creating flagship garments known worldwide.

Chantelle’s Push Up Balconette Bra

The push up balconette bra is one of the most sought after Chantelle push up bra models. Its neckline is feminine, classic and almost nostalgic, but now it is very fashionable again.

With delicate lace combinations, the push-up balconette bra enhances the bust and keeps it in place. You can find models with and without straps.

Chantelle Absolute Invisible Push Up

This is Chantelle’s most discreet push up model. These Absolute Invisible push up bras are so comfortable and stretchy that you won’t notice you’re wearing them. Chantelle creates bras with a layer of foam that shapes the chest. They are very elastic, and inside push up pads that enhance the bust.

Chantelle V-neckline

For your more low-cut garments, Chantelle has several push-up models with a V-neckline. They manage to maintain the perfect support and the push up effect you are looking for whilst allowing you to wear garments with a pronounced cleavage. You will find them with delicate lace and skin tones up to the colors of the season.

Chantelle Foulard Push Up Bra

This model enhances the cleavage and allows you to decide the most appropriate degree of push up through removable pads. It is one of the most sensual necklines of Chantelle since it covers the foam layer with delicate lace at the same time that it allows the skin to be seen.

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